To create healthy, youthful skin, some procedures require a more invasive method that goes below the surface of the skin.  At Eclipse Medspa, we are proud to offer ProCell™ Therapies Microneedling with Human Growth Serum.

The treatment involves almost invisible micro-perforations along the treatment area, that target and stimulate the keratinocytes.  The result is a healing response, that triggers increased production of collagen and elastin below the surface, naturally filling fine lines and wrinkles with natural volume, without the need for injectables.

Maximum stimulation, comes with minor inflammation.  Patients at our medspa can anticipate approximately 1-2 days of minimal redness and swelling, however hypo allergenic or high-grade cosmetics can be applied on top of the skin, while it heals as soon as two hours post-treatment.  Some patients experience a textural roughness on the surface of the skin after treatment (similar to very sparse scabbing), and goes away in less than four days, on average.

ProCell™ Therapies Human Growth Serum

Stem cells offer a powerful healing, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating function within the body.  The ProCell™ Therapies Human Growth Serum, is sourced only from sterile FDA certified and laboratory grown cultures of mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC), or human bone marrow. The stem cells function as an important part of the immune system, and healing process for all injured tissues in the body, including your skin.  Traveling through the blood stream, the BM-MSC cells secrete cytokines and growth factors, which are bio-signals that influence other cells like fibroblasts, white blood cells, and melanocytes.

The immune reaction is stimulated by the microneedling therapy, which penetrates just below the surface of the facial skin, while the serum applied mimics the generative effect of having increased stem cells.  As we age, we produce less of the mesenchymal stem cells, which triggers the visual and textural changes that occur in premature aging.   The combination of ProCell™ Microneedling with the Human Growth Serum, results in firmer, youthful looking and radiant skin.

Ask our spa manager about the results you can expect to achieve, using ProCell™ Therapies Microneedling with Human Growth Serum Factors, and how to schedule a maintenance treatment plan, to restore your skin and retain a lasting youthful glow.