The UltraShape Power is the only FDA-cleared ultrasound based, non-invasive body shaping treatment for fat cell reduction.  While many other providers claim to offer fat reduction, UltraShape Power is the only device that offers 32% permanent fat reduction, without pain or discomfort.   Eliminate the side-effects of other procedures by choosing this gentle method to get results, in stubborn areas.  Destroy targeted fat without discomfort, or any necessary downtime after the procedure, and eliminate bruising, bumps or lumps.

How does it work?  UltraShape Power emits acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy, that converge to a narrowly targeted volume of subcutaneous fat, at two or even up to three levels of depth, in one single treatment.  Fat destruction occurs instantly, while patients report mild to moderate tingling sensations during the treatment.   Average results from clinical studies reveal 3-4 inches of fat loss after 3 UltraShape treatments, without damage to surround tissues, including blood vessels, nerves or other connective tissues.

Get the results you want, precisely where you need to sculpt your body, using UltraShape Power treatments.   Each treatment is a walk-in and walk-out procedure that you can schedule before or after work, with no downtime, or visible signs of treatment.