Your Free Medical Consultation

Clinical aesthetics are medical procedures, and like all wellness and health providers, we put the safety of our patients and clients first.  Our team is state certified, and experienced in the safe administration of injectables (fillers), and the operation of advanced medical aesthetic equipment, including body contouring, fat destruction and skin ablation.  Refined, youthful and healthy skin starts with your free consultation, with Eclipse Medspa.

Before creating a customized treatment plan, each patient must first complete a consultation from our in-house physician.  A short questionnaire will be completed with our doctor, to rule out any contraindications regarding prescription medications, supplements and other lifestyle factors that can impact or complicate treatments.   Rest assured, few patients have conflicts that need to be addressed before aesthetic services, but our clinical team will provide expert advice to protect your health, and the quality results you want to achieve.

The physician will also document any recent clinical aesthetic treatments that you have received, as it pertains to your new treatment plan at Eclipse Medspa.  In some cases, treatment plans will need to be scheduled at intervals, according to established safety guidelines.  And while some medspas in the metroplex charge their clients for the mandatory medical consultation, at Eclipse Medspa, we’re committed to providing a comfortable and safe experience for every patient.

The initial consultation with our physician is free of charge.

Eclipse Medspa is a HIPAA compliant provider.  We do not disclose your confidential health information, or treatment details to any third-party agencies or individuals, without express written consent first, by the patient.  Ask our team for more information and our data privacy procedures.

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