Top 5 Skincare Tips for Men

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Daily Do’s and Don’ts to keep your skin soft and healthy.

The summer heat is here and if you don’t want your skin feeling like that of a tough elephant, we’ve compiled our favorites skincare tips! Gather around gentlemen, it’s time to work these easy skincare do’s and don’ts into your daily routine.

Exfoliate Skincare 1. Do exfoliate the skin: Getting rid of the dead skin cells on your face will help not only unclog your pores but will also allow other skincare products to be absorbed and actually do their job. There are a variety of exfoliants that are made for all types of skin types. We recommend using an exfoliate 3 times a week, unless you have sensitive skin and then once a week will do the trick!

2. Do cleanse your face twice a day: Wash that dirt and build up away with some warm water and a good lather. We often recommend to our clients to wash after a workout to prevent breakouts. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin some warm water in the morning is all you need.

3. Do choose an antioxidant and a daily moisturizer: Want to improve your immune system and promote younger looking skin? Applying a topical serum such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A or lycopene all include an antioxidant that is related to softer skin and may also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Plus, when you include a daily moisturize it helps trap in moisture to prevent sun damage, promote cellular turnover and preserve skin tone. This is the two-punch combo you’ve been looking for to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth!

Sunscreen Skincare

4. Do wear a daily sunscreen: Protecting your skin while out on the golf course or when working out in the yard is super important. Skin cancer is no joke and daily use of sunscreen may not only prevent skin cancer (including melanoma, the deadliest form) but may also improve skin texture and reduce fine lines. It really is a win-win to include in your morning routine.

5. Do drink plenty of water: Having a daily goal of 6-8 glasses will keep the skin hydrated and may help keep the wrinkles at bay. Plus, as a bonus it will help flush out toxins to help you face stay fresh and clean. Grab that water bottle and increase your H20 intake.

Now that we’ve covered off the must do’s in your daily routine. Let’s talk about those bad habits we want to break to help keep your skin soft and smooth.

Don’t overly shave: Not only does it increase it produces an injury and the sun will target the injury and break the skin down. As well as produce more oil and can cause break-outs.

Don’t forget your ears: When lathering up your daily sunscreen, be sure to include your ears. It’s one of the most common places men get skin cancer.

Don’t over indulge in the fast food line: Greasy foods leads to clogged pores, so time to scrap those burgers and fries. Find healthy alternatives, including veggies or leafy salads. Not only will your skin thank you, but this food group acts as a natural antioxidant fighting free radicals and ensure a graceful aging.

Don’t dehydrate yourself: While it is tempting to reach for that next beer, grab a cold, water bottle instead.

Don’t forget to schedule an annual appointment: While we know getting an annual check-up is not always fun, having a professional check your skin is the key to skin care prevention!

With Father’s Day around the corner, Eclipse Medspa wishes all the men in our life a very special day.