We often think of wrinkles as a surface problem.  After all, it is on the surface of our skin that we notice them right away, as they begin to develop from fine lines to deep crevices, or frown lines.  The reason that wrinkles develop is due to a combination of dryness of the skin, UV and sun damage, and the natural loss of collagen production as we age.   Whether you have a few wrinkles, or many, depends a lot on your diet, your skin care habits and even heredity.

The good news is that with advanced technology, there are many new laser therapy treatments that can correct and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without the need for painful plastic surgery.   While laser resurfacing is an invasive technique that can lead to scabs and scarring post-treatment, our state-of-the-art medspa applications are non-invasive.  In fact, the procedures are so comfortable, some patients fall asleep during application sessions.

The targeted lasers stimulate cells below the dermis, that activate collagen production.  Think of it like inflating areas that have low collagen, which creates the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  By stimulating the collagen below the surface, our medspa plumps skin from below, filling-in the low collagen areas, and reducing (sometimes entirely eliminating) any sign of wrinkles.

During your free pre-treatment consultation with our in-house physician, you should disclose whether you are prone to breakouts, cold sores or fever blisters, if you are targeting the facial area for laser therapy anti-aging treatments.   Laser skin resurfacing can with a low percentage of patients, trigger breakouts for people who have sensitive skin or other conditions.   Patients should also disclose prescription medications or supplements that may or may not affect blood clotting, including aspirin, or Vitamin E.  The physician may advise you to refrain from non-essential supplements or medications for ten days before surgery.   Smokers should also refrain from tobacco use 14-days before treatment, to avoid delays in healing, and for best results.

Please note that the initial free consultation is provided by our in-house physician, who will administer an examination and questionnaire to determine if you are a good candidate for laser skin treatments, or body sculpting. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have during your consultation.