Topical skin care products, are effective at moisturizing skin, for a youthful appearance.  Addressing wrinkles effectively however, requires a clinical care approach.  New state-of-the-art technology, that was previously only available to celebrities, is now accessible and affordable, to help consumers address fine lines, and deep wrinkles, from below dermal surface.

Plastic surgery was previously the only option that women and men had, to restore the effects of age on the appearance of skin.   But the cost of plastic surgery is only one aspect, that deters many consumers.  Plastic surgery is an invasive procedure, that involves incisions and the removal of excess skin, which is painful.  The healing process after plastic surgery can take up to two weeks, during which most patients are hesitant to leave home, as swelling and inflammation can temporarily disfigure the face.  Bruising is also a common side-effect of plastic surgery.

Sublative Laser Skin Treatments Are Less Invasive and Require Minimal Down-Time

Why are women and men so excited, about new Sublative laser rejuvenation treatments?  Not only are they more affordable compared to plastic surgery and liposuction procedures, but the healing time is minimized.  In fact, after a treatment session to address facial wrinkles, many of our clients are able to go back to work, or carry on with their day, without the need for lengthy recovery time.

Your clinical aesthetic professional, will help adjust your Sublative laser therapy to a level that will provide the results you want, while ensuring that the discomfort is tolerable for the patient.  There is a warm sensation on the treatment area, and a feeling similar to a ‘rubber band snap’ on the skin.   A special numbing agent and non-oil based lubricant is applied to the treatment area, to help reduce discomfort.

Following a Sublative laser skin treatment, patients may experience some ‘crusting’ of the external layers of the skin.  This is part of the healing process, and indicative of a successful laser wrinkle treatment.  Our medspa advisors can recommend high-quality post treatment serums, like Skinceuticals CE Ferrulic to help moisturize the area, but typically the light scabbing and texture disappears after 3-5 days post-treatment.

How Do Sublative Wrinkle Reducing Treatments Work?

The Sublative laser treatments are effective on all skin types and tone spectrums.   The treatment for targeting facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine and deep lines, harnesses the energy of laser and ultrasound technology, to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production.

The focused laser and ultrasound waves, go layers below the surface of the dermis, with concentrated pulsating beams of light.   For deeper lines and wrinkles, and dramatic before and after results, your clinical aesthetician and certified laser technician will adjust the level of penetration below the skin.

The impact of laser and ultrasound energy targeted on the face, at the sub-dermal levels, triggers a natural healing response in the body.   Sublative therapies do not rely on chemicals to create this effect, but rather encourage the body to produce more collagen in the areas addressed in treatment sessions.

Collagen is present throughout the body, but is found in high concentrations inside connective tissues, including human bones, cartilage and skin.   Did you know that researchers have discovered that some collagen fibrils are stronger than steel?  Collagen dressings are also used medically, to attract new skin cell growth in the treatment of wounds, and in spite of assurances from some skin care product manufacturers, creams that promise to increase collagen have a minimal effect.  The strong and oversized collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through pores in the skin.

As we age, our bodies start to produce less collagen than we need, which triggers the decline in skin quality, in terms of tightness, moisture and youthful appearance.  The Sublative laser anti-wrinkle treatments, plump skin up from below the surface, as collagen production is stimulated, which essentially ‘fills in’ deep lines and wrinkles, for lasting results.


Every patient that visits Eclipse Medspa, earns a free VISIA® Complexion Scan, which is a computerized diagnostic 360° imaging map of your skin, and problem areas.   The VISA® Complexion Scan will also preview what those problem areas will look like, 5-7 years from now, using predicted clinical skincare models.  With your Sublative anti-wrinkle treatments at Eclipse Medspa in Grapevine, you will be able to track your progress and improvement, with expert advice from our clinical skincare team.

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