Everyone is talking about the new clinical aesthetic options for individuals who want to trim, slim and contour their bodies.   The truth is that in most cases, diet and exercise are not enough to remove stubborn fat deposits from certain areas of the body, which is why women and men are exploring treatments like UltraShape.

The human body is wired at a primary level, to retain fat for energy storage, and until now, the only option for individuals was expensive and painful plastic surgery.   If you know someone who has had plastic surgery procedures, you know how painful they can be, and how much time the patient requires in terms of recuperation, to recover from stitches, bruising and sometimes, secondary infections.

Thankfully now, there is a better, faster, less painful and more economical way to destroy fat cells in stubborn areas. One of them seems to be on the news, and every where you look online.  Coolsculpting has done a fantastic job of branding their unique technology, but many industry experts feel that the method isn’t as effective for fat loss, than the other FDA approved option, which is Ultrashape, by Syneron Candela.

Let’s take a look at both methods of fat cell destruction, to determine the advantages of Ultrashape, over the option of Coolsculpting.

The Technology Behind CoolSculpting

During a CoolSculpting treatment, the devices target fat cells with a cold, freezing treatment.   The patient experiences a mildly uncomfortable cold sensation, but it is not painful, and the treatment does not damage surround tissues around the target area.

According to clinical experts, CoolSculpting is recommended only for individuals who are within 10-15 pounds of their ideal weight or BMI.   The website indicates that side effects from CoolSculpting can last several days, and up to weeks after the treatment.  Side effects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Cramping at the treatment site
  • Numbing sensations
  • Temporary redness
  • Feeling of fullness in back of throat (submental treatments)
  • Tightness of skin in the treatment area
  • Swelling and blanching
  • Bruising and tenderness
  • Itching, aching or skin sensitivity

Many clinical aestheticians we talked to, who have administered the CoolSculpting service to medspa clients, admit they would never undergo the procedure themselves.  While promoted as minimally invasive (compared to plastic surgery), with ‘zero downtime’, many reviews online have indicated that the discomfort level is much higher.   CoolSculpting is known for more discomfort during the treatment, and in the recovery period, than Ultrashape.

According to the manufacturers website, patients who undergo CoolSculpting can expect approximately 25-30{09233cb9f48d23a06d8a30d8d6fcb16a996507873a2b760cd1c4da0f0e8c3f6a} fat loss after multiple treatments, using the cold freeze technology.  For more ambitious fat destruction treatment plans, CoolSculpting is not recommended.

Why Ultrashape Gets Better Aesthetic Results for Our Patients

Do you want to undergo a more comfortable, and effective fat destruction treatment plan?  Ultrashape is the celebrity favorite, when it comes to clinical medspa treatments, to address stubborn fat deposits.

Ultrashape is FDA approved, and uses ultrasound technology to deliver bursts of energy to targeted fat deposits.   The fat cells are destroyed in the comfortable procedure, without damaging nerves or other tissue cells in the treatment area.  After three sessions, patients experience an average fat reduction of 4 cm (1.57 inches) in the targeted zone.

Most hard to reach areas of the body are easier to treat with Ultrashape, than they are with CoolSculpting, which means the treatment plan can address truly difficult areas, where weight loss and exercises has been ineffective.

  • Removes love handles
  • Reduces underarm fat deposits
  • Trims buttocks and hip areas
  • Can define abdomen and abdominal muscles

See what women and men are saying about Ultrashape and their results after three treatments.

Results with Coolsculpting Take Much Longer

On the CoolSculpting website, the manufacturer indicates that post-treatment, patients can expect to see changes ‘as quickly as 3 weeks’ afterward.  But the most ‘dramatic results’ occur after two months, with continued fat loss that can take up to 4-6 months after a treatment plan is completed.

Ultrashape provides visual results immediately, with full results realized within two months post-procedure.  To help our patients truly see the impact and loss of inches in targeted areas, Eclipse Medspa provides free Fit3D diagnostic body scanning.  You will get a before and after report, so that you can track your progress, as the inches melt off your problem areas.

We are the only medspa in the Grapevine Texas area, that provides free Fit3D diagnostic body volume imaging to our clients.  Don’t rely on before and after pictures, to try to visually acknowledge your results.  Our technology will show you percentage fat loss, and track the exciting progress of your fat destruction, with our aesthetic team.

Coolsculpting Charges Medspa Providers (Who Pass That Cost To Consumers)

Here is an industry fact that we don’t mind sharing with consumers; CoolSculpting charges a big fee, every time a medspa activates the machine and performs a service.   We won’t share what that fee is, but if you are wondering why CoolSculpting is so much more expensive than other leading body contouring options, that’s why.   The cost, is passed on to consumers, to continue to pay for that expensive marketing that you see everywhere.

If you are considering investing in a treatment plan that gets true results, book your free consultation with Eclipse Medspa.   We provide a free in-house medical evaluation to qualify our clients as eligible for safe clinical aesthetic procedures.   At your consultation, our spa manager will help you build a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique aesthetic goals, and provide reports to show you how it’s working after every treatment, to permanently destroy fat deposits.