You know what they say about things that sound almost “too good to be true”.  For men and women who have put in the hard work to lose weight, yet find that there are stubborn fat deposits that refuse to burn away, laser body sculpting provides lasting, permanent results, with virtually no side-effects or discomfort.   When compared to other options including what many physicians consider to be dangerous liposuction, or invasive plastic surgery, laser body sculpting provides a no-downtime and affordable option for consumers, who want to look and feel their best.

To burn fat within the human body, two essential elements are needed.  An electrical pulse, and a chemical reaction that triggers fat cells to dissipate.  The UltraShape Power is the only FDA cleared ultrasound based, non-invasive body shaping treatment for discriminatory fat cell destruction.   The UltraShape Power provides up to 32{09233cb9f48d23a06d8a30d8d6fcb16a996507873a2b760cd1c4da0f0e8c3f6a} permanent fat loss, in every treatment session, within the focus area.

While there are many types of laser body sculpting clinical treatments, other industry leaders promote ‘noticeable results’ in 1-3 months after treatment.  In our studies, UltraShape Power provided noticeable, visual results, in as little as 1-3 weeks.  You’ll be excited while you watch those problem areas figuratively ‘melt away’, leaving you with lean, firm and youthful skin, without the traditional downtime of other treatments.

How many treatments you will need, to satisfactorily address a problem area, depends on a number of factors.  During your free medical consultation, we will provide a diagnostic report that will help you track results, and measurements.  We don’t just promise that you will ‘feel the difference’, we help you implement a successful treatment plan that works with your budget, and aesthetic goals.

Whether you want to get rid of those love handles, under arm fat, or pinch a half-inch off your thighs, hips or buttocks, our UltraShape Power treatments offer internationally recognized results for fat cell reduction.  You have come this far on your own; treat yourself and boost your confidence by refining stubborn fat deposits.