As anyone with acne scars understands finding an effective acne treatment can be frustrating. Buying over the counter creams or topical treatments with few results leaves patients feeling despair.  Plus, for individuals suffering from moderate to severe acne, the only thing worse than dealing with your acne is when scars linger long after your acne has cleared up. Acne scarring develops when the surrounding tissue has been damaged and sometimes results are permanent. Eclipse MedSpa wants to share 3 tips to help you proactively prevent and treat your skin from acne to ensure smooth and flawless skin.


Minimizing Breakouts. Do you want to have acne-free glowing skin? Prevention is the key and is probably the most important factor in prevent acne from developing into severe forms and scarring facial tissue. Creating a daily routine to care for your skin and following the recommendation of an esthetician can help reduce acne breakouts.  Plus, regular skin care with medical spa facials and chemical peels on a monthly basis will certainly help minimize the appearance of acne as well.


Breakout Treatments. Selecting the appropriate treatment for your acne is necessary in scar prevention. However, the correct treatment depends on what stage and the type of acne you are trying to clear up. If you have early acne, a topical treatment normally will help clear up any breakouts.  However, if your acnes is more serious then you could require a prescriptive oral medication.  Out Eclipe MedSpa aesthetician can determine your skin type and develop a customized treatment plan to effectively reduce break outs and cure your acne.


Don’t Pick! This is by far the hardest factor in preventing acne scarring. While we know it is common to want to squeeze or pop your pimples, this little habit is the worst thing you can do to your acne prone skin.  Plus, when you pick it is almost guaranteed to cause scarring while spreading the bacteria on your face, worsening your acne. If extractions is needed, call your Eclipse MedSpa aesthetician to effectively and safely remove any pimples or blackheads. Their methodology is not only sterile but reduces any change of leaving scars.

Don’t Forget – Eclipse MedSpa have medical aestheticians who specialize in acne care and are ready to help you, no matter how bad your acne may be. Plus, we also offer several products to treat and keep your acne under control. Let us help you have that smooth and flawless skin you deserve.